Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Olympic Sport of Commuting

Despite another Snow or Ice Day for area schools, some of us still had to get to work. Based on how scary it looked on the TV and on my own deck, I was pretty nervous. And, for the first mile or so, I had reason to be.

Our driveway, subdivision streets and Deer Road were pretty glacial. Kind of felt like I was cruising down the road like a Curling stone – only without the brooms and the Norwegians' fancy pants.

When I got to 80th Street, then my four-lane roads, it was fine. Not clear. Still slippery in many spots. But fine. Glad I didn't wimp out and stay home. I may need a day later this week based on my slow camp prep progress!

After work, I had a dental cleaning in Rapids. Roads felt pretty good by then. Saw some pretty ice-covered branches outside the dental office.

I'm sure there were actually pretty things to photograph but I didn't have the guts to venture any further to see them.

Besides, my curling skills require me to shuffle along. Otherwise, I'll be judged for my Quad Pull and Triple Klutz.

Be careful out there. I don't know if it's over yet!

Monday, February 19, 2018

It's No Day

Since I was neck deep in projects yesterday I didn't pay attention to this week's weather forecast. In fact, it wasn't until I stopped for gas on the way to work that I saw we were in for some freezing rain. After I go to work, I got a text from hubby that they'd closed schools in central Wisconsin – including the large districts of Rapids and Stevens Point. Some were closed for today and tomorrow already.

So yeah. I live under a rock sometimes.

And it was OK. We got nothing for precipitation in Point or Rapids during my work day. It was only misting on my way home. So I guess I dodged a weather bullet. And it was a No Day instead of a Snow Day for the school kids.

Tomorrow, though, it might be warranted. Weather guys just have to prove themselves right just because I am now paying attention!

See the pretty pink heart of Wisconsin? The lower dot is home and the upper dot is work. Uff da.

I fear it's going to be accurate because I talked to my mom tonight and she is seeing snow up in the purple area. And talked to College Boy down in the green and he said it's pretty much been raining the last 4 hours.

So we with either get ice or pink cotton candy falling from the sky.

Since I live under rock, anything's possible in my book.

Be careful out there!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Grilling and Chilling

Today wasn't exactly a day of rest since I had to do work work, freelance work, and bit of house work. That's why it was an especially welcome treat when my nephew Tony came over for lunch – with bratwursts from Ski's Meats in hand.

Those are the best ever.

Hubby fired up the grill (it was above 30 degrees out) and I had cheesy potatoes going in the crockpot. A little bit of both seasons! Had a super meal but short visit since Tony had to get sleep and errands done before working tonight, Jim had "open hit" for baseball, and I had my deadlines.

I was pretty productive but still have my biggest deadline hanging over my head... Camp Crop-A-Lot is this coming weekend already! Had nothing organized so I at least ordered pictures to be printed. Then I can figure out the details – papers, embellishments, etc – a little bit each evening this week I guess.

I could do more tonight but frankly, I may have to sip on some on cough syrup and go to bed early. Can't quite shake the coughing crud. It's not continuous – I was able to sing in church this morning – but when it comes, it's fierce and hurts.

Think I'll try ice cream first and go from there. What? We grilled today. It's a free pass for summer time activities!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

All Aboard The Birthday Express

When you're not looking, the number 50 can come rolling down the tracks and you can't do anything to stop it.

That's what's happening to a lot of friends my age this year. When they're smart, they just hop on board the Birthday Express and enjoy the ride.

Tonight we got to help our friend Mike celebrate the milestone – and go for part of the ride with him.

We had dinner at Pullman's in Trolley Square in downtown Appleton. I knew the place because our friends Angelo and Robyn celebrated their wedding there a few years back. It's cool. There's a trolley-like rail car inside... but you just can't go in it.

There were 10 of us. Mike and Christine came up from Racine area, two came from nearby in the Fox Valley, and the rest of us hailed from Rapids. Thankfully the snow was sporadic enough we had safe travels both ways. Especially since we had to go "off track" and take the CRV.

By coincidence – or maybe not – the indoor trolley car is No. 50!

So now there are two things that are 50. Ha. Thanks for being a good sport, birthday boy!

Had excellent food (chew-chew) and great conversation.

We'll see if my diet gets back "on track" some day soon!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Winner, Winner, uhm, Fish Dinner

It was a great night at Assumption High School.

Before the boys varsity game, they honored Coach Weisenbeck for nabbing his 300th win earlier this week at Amherst. Tonight, he got a standing ovation, a basketball signed by all his players.... oh, and stinking huge win over Newman. We're talking 62-19. I don't always exaggerate.

It was a very quick game. Hubby was working at the St. Lawrence fish fry – as he'll do every Friday during Lent – and he missed the first half. Arrived a halftime so he didn't miss seeing us run up the score... or see his wife claim the 50-50 raffle prize! Tee hee.

I told you it was a great night at Assumption!

Got home in time so see some major quad action at the Olympics and upload some game photos. Almost too much excitement for a Friday! Thankfully, I don't have to conserve energy for anything tomorrow.

I just hope my quads don't hurt from merely watching men's figure skating. Lots of winners tonight.

Pretty cool.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

All Together Now

Never take good fortune for granted. This morning I texted hubby that this was a great work trip. He was gone three days and we were Princess poop- and puke-free!

He got home from the airport mid-afternoon and texted me quite a graphic picture. (Ha, not what you're thinking.) And said I spoke to soon and jinxed it! Yup she made a little mess. Nothing like last week's 5-pile alarm.

So we'll keep her.

Meanwhile, we humans are both battling some nagging cough stuff. We always cycle through it, it seems. Hopefully this one is short-lived for both of us. There's just so much going around.

If we get cat-scratch fever, then we've got real problems.

Hope you are staying healthy or getting there soon!

(Commercial break over. Back to the Olympics.)

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Feel the Love

It seems so weird to have Ash Wednesday fall on Valentine's Day. Or does it? We are talking about the greatest love, after all.

Of course, it's a bonus to hear from your loved ones who currently walk the earth with you, too.

With hubby out of town – exotic Columbus, Ohio, this time – it's just the Princess and me. So far, no special valentines from her, thank goodness. Did hear from hubby and the boys via text so that was nice, too. Even if all were home, I wouldn't have been able to fit anything romantic into the schedule.

Since it's Ash Wednesday, choir sang at our 6:30 p.m. service. Then I begged out of practice afterward to nurse a scratchy throat. I think there is hot tea with honey and a triple lutz or twizzle in my near future.

Kitty, who's laying on my desk here, thinks that's a good idea, too. Just bonding and reboosting our immune system... and pretending we love each other since it's Valentine's Day and all.

My wish for you on Valentine's Day is that YOU love YOURSELF as much as you are loved. Re-read the bible verse above if you have to. You'll realize you are loved A LOT!