Thursday, April 26, 2018

Moon Child

Since the "big kids" were playing baseball and softball away at Edgar, I took the opportunity to shoot pictures of our middle school baseball team in action. There are several younger siblings of high school athletes we've been cheering on awhile, so that was fun to see them. Rain held off, too.

I didn't stay until the end of the game since it was getting chilly and I came right from work and was not dressed for outdoor sports! So I headed home and got updates on the varsity games. Boys lost by 2, darn. The girls won again 15-0. Yay!

My victory for the night was trying my new lens on capturing the moon. It's not full yet but I wanted to practice before it is – just to see if my new equipment can bring me even more joy. Oh yes, it can!

The way my mind's eye saw it as still in a evening blue sky. First time I've gotten craters to show up and I was not even using my tripod!

In Photoshop, I selected "automatic tone" and altered the image to probably what it really looks like in the dark sky.

Either way, I like!

I'll wait a few days to start howling at it, though.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Always the Perfect Date

Today is always the perfect date, doncha think?

The meme is from the 2001 film Miss Congeniality, starring Sandra Bullock. The joke is that a contestant in a beauty pageant was asked to describe her perfect date (as in the kind you go on with a boyfriend/girlfriend), but Miss Rhode Island gives the date of April 25th for the reasons above. 

Just funny. No offense to pageant contestants, of course.

She was right, though. With temps in the 50s, it wasn't too hot or too cold. All I needed was a light jacket.

So happy Light Jacket Day!

Tomorrow we might not even need a light jacket around here. But probably an umbrella clearly April 26th is a not a perfect date. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Finally... Play Ball

Finally – 3 weeks after they were supposed to start – the Assumption Royals could PLAY BALL today! And win while they were at it!

Got to see most of the softball home opener versus Edgar. Since we had such a large margin of victory, 16-zip, we got to play pretty far down bench to give almost all the girls some experience.

And give this photographer the chance to capture just about everyone. So after sorting through and posting hundreds of photos, I can't even see straight. I just happen to know where the keys are on the keyboard! But I'm keeping this short.

The baseball team had a shutout, too! They were at Edgar and defeated them 14-0. Oh yes we did! Hubby had to fill in as head coach so good thing they won.

And even though it's only one game... what a great way to start off the seasons for the Royals.

Now if Mother Nature cooperates, there will be more where that came from.

Play ball!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Some Bunny Loves Spring

I was so ecstatic that Spring Sports Season finally kicked off today – appropriately with Royals soccer – that I grabbed my camera and went to take pictures just to TAKE PICTURES! Then I get home and realize by the wildlife preserve in our front yard that I am not the only one who loves spring!

A trio of bunnies getting their salads in for the day! They are much more disciplined than me!

Definitely wild but still sorta cute!

I was especially relieved to see some robins. Yes! They survived!

Strutting past the snow like "we beat you!" Hopefully, it stays that way.

For those paying attention, the Royals are supposed to start their softball and baseball seasons tomorrow. If the weather holds. Nice enough at 62 degrees today, but I don't know if tomorrow will stay dry. If it does, softball has home opener vs Edgar and the baseball team is playing a "home" game away from home at Edgar.

Just hear "Play ball!" will be music to a lot of ears. Those other "some bunnies" who love spring for its sports!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

First the Birds, Now the Bees

Naturally spring brings the birds and the bees – and I don't just mean the excitement of mating season.

I couldn't believe with all this snow that we already have those stinkin' long-legged hornets flying about. Last night I sprayed to death – I hope – the beginnings of a news under out front steps. Apparently, they must be building elsewhere because this guy was lurking about, too. Typically hubby doesn't need his Epi-Pen handy this early. Dang.

Other than that, no complaints about the absolutely gorgeous day.

Kitty loved having the windows open and screen door bringing in the warm sunshine.

Hey, who's out there watching me take a bath?!

It was so nice that Jim and some of us buddies actually went down to Wisconsin Dells for the season-opener stock car race. I had some projects inside to get done but was able to get out and about and get my steps.

Naturally, I could not resist a moment with Mr. Deck Chair. Got my cool Twins shades on and some lovely white beach sand in the background... ha, I wish!

Honestly, I only sat out there for a quick selfie. Not quite warm enough to expose much more than our faces or arms today. Plus, there's still that business of having to shave my legs. The one plus of a late spring!

Hope you found some spring-y joy on this beautiful SUN day!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

County Highway W for Wildlife

With bright sun and temperatures warm enough to open windows, it finally felt like spring today in Wisconsin. Just don't look down. Because, it still looks like winter! At least there's finally a little grass starting to show again.

With all this news about the birds lately, I was curious if the migration time period was thrown off by all this... winter. So I took my camera and my new lens (150-600mm) to see if I could zoom in on anything along County Highway W.

Since this road goes right past the Buena Vista prairie chicken counting area, there's usually something to see around there. It's not prairie chicken season but I saw plenty of other items of interest! And, honestly, I can't name them all...

 Some kind of crane.


Just being artsy.

There were swans, Canada geese and a variety of ducks all hanging out at the same pond. They don't have to be birds of a feather to flock together. Just birds.

 Swan dive!!

"Look at her! She's such a show-off!"

The eagle has landed. Well, that was after my car scared him off from his roadside roadkill lunch. Dang, I could have been 5 feet away. Those claws, though.

From the highest treetops or highest sprinkling system.

More cranes of some type.

Saw (and heard) tons of red-winged blackbirds.

 More swans making friends.

I think these two are couple.

These guys were closer to the road, thankfully, so I could get something in focus!

 Oh, deer!

I was sneaking a peek behind a snowbank. They looked pretty scrawny.

And hanging out right in front of a deer stand – sitting empty in the off season. Well, played, kids.

That's all for today. Obviously, I was most excited as always to see an eagle. Didn't even have to kayak for it this time! But I have a lot of practicing to do with that lens to get my focus right. There's always tomorrow.

I mean really. It's supposed to be nice and sunny and springy again! So we'll see. Hope you got out to enjoy your day, too!