Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fly, Robyn, Fly

Today was departure day. Had to put on my big girl pants because one can only rely on themselves when they travel alone.

My challenge was to wheel my suitcase two blocks from the hotel, go underground and ride the light rail train to the airport.

Me to the hotel doorman: "So they'll just have a place right there to buy a ticket?"

I'm sure he was thinking: "Yes, small town girl. A machine does it!"

I managed to buy a ticket and get on the right train thing instead of 6 buses that also board there. Then it was off to the airport.

So long, Seattle. I do hope to be back!

Flight uneventful despite sitting next to a couple with a 2-month-old! My sister Rayna and brother-in-law Paul picked me up. We went to eat and I'm nesting at their place tonight since Rayna and I will head north in the morning for our 20th annual sisters weekend.
One of the many reasons it's good to be back in America's Dairyland!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Evening Stroll

After spending the day in class, I finally got out to enjoy my last mild evening of 2018. It was an amazing seminar, by the way.

But I am glad I got to capture some sun-sinking shots...

The Seahawks stadium with Mount Rainier in the distance.

They had lots of personalized pendants hanging from the fence by the harbor area. I found my age, ha.

I really could have wandered for hours, but I'm smart enough to realize that wouldn't be smart by myself.

With temps about 70, it was an amazing evening stroll. Fly out tomorrow morning. Hope I'll be back. I've got more strolling to do.

Monday, October 15, 2018

MARVEL-ous Monday

Oh you know, it was a typical Monday. Hanging out with the occasional super hero.

Actually worked this morning since my hosts had to work and the kids were at school.  Kristin got out of work at lunchtime so I caught a little sun in Mr. Deck Chair Northwest.

I realize that I am cheating on the other Mr. Deck Chair and he's covered with snow. Don't judge me. I'll make it up to him. Just couldn't resist 60 and sunny on my last day with some free time!

Kristin and I headed into the city for the afternoon. Visited the Museum of Pop Culture,  which featured a Marvel comics exhibit and exhibits of Seattle-based musicians Hendrix, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam. Plus all kinds of interesting artifacts owned by Microsoft founder and Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen, who coincidentally died today.

Fun and strange stuff, I tell ya!

We walked around downtown after that and grabbed lunch at the Amazon Go store. It is the one thing of all that Seattle offers that Carter told me to see.

You scan yourself on the way in, pick your stuff (pretty much food stuff), and walk out. It just knows what you put in your bag. Crazy and I was charged correctly for my lunch of Red Bull and a coconut cupcake. Ha.

After that, we meandered our way back to the car and she dropped me off at my hotel, just few blocks up from Pike Place market and harbor view park.

I took a walk and found an ice cream place. They call this Washington Hazelnut Brittle with Salted Ganache.  I call it dinner.

The sinking sun was also a treat.  Just couldn't stay out too long. The homeless come out in droves in the evening.  It is a sad reality here.

Was blessed to see so much of the positive aspects of the area. And super blessed to spend quality time with a dear friend of 25 years!

May just have to come back to this Marvel-ous neck of the woods.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

No Snow-homish

Dateline SNOHOMISH, Wash. -- Actually is pronounced like snow-ho-mish, but unlike Wisconsin and Minnesota, nothing but sun and 60s out here in the greater Seattle area!

Arrived yesterday (Saturday) about 1 p.m. and my friend Kristin picked me up. We spent the afternoon in downtown Seattle, mainly walking around the Pike Place Market area. And some other touristy things because, well, I'm a tourist!

I took lots of pictures, naturally, but they're on camera.  Here's some from my phone though... (and disregard typos as I'm doing this all on my phone!)

Naturally, we had to get Starbucks.  Stopped at the very first one ever. Long line there so took pictures and got our coffee at the one down the block. Because well, there is one almost on every block in Seattle!

Something I did not know about Seattle is they have a great gym wall. Actually walls om both sides of this alley. I call it the ABC (already been Chewed) wall.

I think it would make a nice senior portrait background!
We did plan to go up in the space needle but it was a 3-hour wait, so we moved on.

Trolled the streets and found this guy! Weird but so cool. Lots of folks taking pictures. Does help to have a "local" as your tour guide.

This was a cool view! Have the Space Needle on the left, Mount Rainier in center, and Seattle's harbor area.

Met up with Kristin's husband for dinner (fresh seafood) then to their place. Was tired with the 2-hour time difference.  In fact I woke up at 5:30 a.m. local time because it would have been 7:30 a.m. at home!

Unlike the countless reports of snow at home, we had a gorgeous day out here. Not a cloud in the sky. And just shy of 70 degrees. Perfect to see some scenery!

Went for a nice 6-hour Sunday drive. One of first stops was Deception Pass.

This bridge is crazy high and I had a deceptively high amount of courage to cross it. Yes, a walking lane. A yes, I had a bit of a panic attack, but made it over. And back! Don't look down. Just breathe.

My heart was racing for an hour after that, I think. Good thing they sell ice cream in Washington so I could recover!

One of the neatest stops was Fort Casey State Park. Right on Puget Sound. Could see San Juan Islands and more on the Pacific coast. Beautiful!
And look at all this driftwood on the beach. Some pieces the size of telephone poles.

And look! A lighthouse! We climbed to the top. I have proof! I guess after that bridge,  everything was minor.

Took a ferry on the way back. Did not see McDreamy anywhere, even though he always rode the ferry by Seattle on Grey's Anatomy!

That's OK. This perfect, no snow weather is better than a celebrity sighting any day! Supposed to be like that here all week. I, however,  won't last here as long as the weather. Might get to do something tomorrow but for most part, it's work time.

There was an actual purpose to this trip. Besides avoiding Old Man Winter's early arrival.

Friday, October 12, 2018

TGIFF (Thank God I'm Feline-Free)

My morning...

My evening... No picture needed. Headline says it all.  Hubby is home safely, snuggling with the Princess.

I am at my sister's in Hudson, temporarily feline-free. And poop-free. And hairball-free.

And, since I fly away in the morning, stress-free, too! Keyed up in a good way! Gotta see if I can sleep. 

Of course,  Brewer fans know what that's about. Whew. Good luck the rest of the series!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Holy Hurricane, Cat Woman!

It's a bit unnerving when one day you're telling your hubby you're glad a hurricane is on the Gulf side of Florida and the next day he's right in the path.

My comforting thought is that Michael was downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it parked over Charlotte, N.C., where Jim is parked, too, until tomorrow. It was just a lot, lot, lot of rain there today and wind. But by 6 or so  central time, he said it was sunny out there. Hopefully, that's a sign of an on-time and safe flight home tomorrow.

Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, it was Girls Night on Blue Jay Drive. A reward for good behavior (for both of us, ha). She's looking all sad and pouty here, but she did sit on my lap and let me – yes, the master let the servant serve her – pet her.

I had to take a picture to prove to Jim that we were getting along. He doesn't want any fighting going on!

After a nice nap (her, not me) on the recliner, she hopped into her own chair and I was able to secretly pack my bags. For the most part. I don't need anything special for the trip. But it's hard to think ahead to our annual sister weekend a week in advance. Packed some stuff but I'm not bringing anything extra. My brain can't function that way.

I'll see if I think of anything at work tomorrow. I still have a normal "let's not think about exciting trip" Friday at the office to get through.

Hopefully, work goes quickly, Jim gets home safely, and Princess doesn't poop-a-lot anywhere in the meantime!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Lady in Waiting

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! I'm now serving as the Lady in the Waiting for Princess Poops-A-Lot. And, according to the meme above, they're all princesses, aren't they?

I laughed when I saw this because this happens all. The. Time. With Sylvester.

Hubby left yesterday afternoon for a work trip to Charlotte (thankfully the current hurricane is on the gulf side instead). When I got home from golf last night, kitty was meowing and acting desperate for food. Sure enough, when I got downstairs to her bowl, I could see in her pile of food there, that part of the bottom of the dish was showing.

Oh, the travesty! A princess mustn't eat the obviously stale, tasteless, bottom layer of food in the bowl. And there can never be a hint that she'll run out of food.

So my job until Friday night is to keep her alive. I mean, keep her happy!

She behaved last night. No surprise piles worthy of breaking toes this morning. Yet. When I did feed her and give her water, she collapsed on the floor. That's the sign for, "Oh servant, scratch and rub my back!" I am worthy of this task only because she missed her daily morning massage from her master. That usually happens around 5 a.m. when she taps Jim's shoulder. He moves over. She gets into his side of the bed and gets a good bed-shaking scratching.

The struggles of being a princess!

The main challenge for both her master and her Lady in Waiting is that we have to be stealthy this week. She can't see a suitcase or her separation anxiety (followed by poop piles) begins. Jim actually had all of his clothes on the bed, then at the last minute Tuesday, got the suitcase, packed, and shoved it in the car before she could see it.

Not that she cares that I'm leaving, but I'm doing the same thing. I have Seattle clothes on the bed. My sister weekend clothes on the floor. And hopefully she'll just think I didn't put laundry away.

I'm just a lowly servant girl, after all.